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Equipment Repair Services
We provide quick and reliable repair services to dj and live sound equipment. Here is a price list for common repairs. Email for more specific repair quotes.

Technics 1200 / 1210 turntable (and most other turntables):
RCA replacement: $55 ea (standard grade cable)
Tone arm replacement: $180 ea
Tone arm rest replacement: $35 ea
Pitch replacement: $80 ea

Tune + lube: $45 ea

Numark TTX turntable:
Motor computer replacement: $99 ea

Rane Mixers
Rane TTM- 54, 54i fader $75 ea
Rane Empath fader $85 ea

Mackie SRM 450:
Subwoofer replacement: $280 ea
Horn replacement: $170 ea

Horn replacement: $240 ea

*Other loudspeaker repairs prices vary depending on make and model


  Email: info@butlersnl.com